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Enjoy the cherry blossom season with 俳句 haiku by 松尾芭蕉 Matsuo Basho-:

花の雲  鐘は上野か  浅草か
Hana no kumo  kane wa Ueno ka  Asakusa ka
A cloud of cherry blossoms / The temple bell - Is it Ueno’s / or Asakusa’s?

さまざまの  事おもひ出す  櫻かな
Samazama no  koto omoidasu  sakura kana
How many, many things / They call to mind / These cherry-blossoms

梅が香に  追いもどさるる  寒さかな
Umegakani  oimodosaruru  samusa kana 
The smell of ume blossom / Get pushed back / To cold weather.

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