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15th Annual VJCC Golf Tournament is coming up – Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Brookside Golf Course.

Obon お盆 ・Festival 祭 (matsuri)

Festival_2007-10-13 IMG_0203

Obon お盆 is a Japanese Buddhist holiday that honors the return of the spirits of ancestors.
It’s a summer holiday in which people return to their hometowns to visit the relatives’ graves. Graves are cleaned and flowers are placed with prayers.

Obon isn’t just a somber affair. It’s believed that the spirits of ancestors return at this time of year. Which is why they are welcomed with traditional dancing and celebrating at obon festivals お盆祭 all over Japan that happens mostly in the month of August.Nisei Wk Queen-2007-10 Nagoya_IMG_0219

There are parades where shrines are walked through in the city. In Nagoya, there is one parade where the Nisei Week Queen is introduced as well since Los Angeles is their sister city. The 2007 Nisei Week Queen is in this parade photo.

Source: Japan-talk.com; Wikipedia.org
Photo courtesy: Jennifer Yamamoto

Thank you for joining us at our Annual Natsu Matsuri Summer Festival June 25 (Sat) & June 26 (Sun) this year!

Festival collage for 2016

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