2016 VJCC Membership Dues

2016 Annual Membership is due now.
Membership application & dues must be received by January 31, 2016. The application & check (payable to VJCC) can be mailed or dropped in the VJCC mailbox (outside main gate). Membership year is January to December.

Membership Application Form (PDF)

Club or Organization Members: Membership app & dues should be submitted through your club/organization so your payment can be recorded.

Annual Dues: Single Member: $30 or Family: $50 (Husband & wife and/or children under 18 and full-time students to age 23)

Senior Exemption: Age 80 or older and paid VJCC member for past 5 consecutive years.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: VJCC Newsletter Going Greener in 2016!

Happy New Year to all! December found all of us busy with holiday preparations so this information regarding membership renewal and newsletter delivery bears repeating for anybody who may have missed it…

The newsletter will no longer be delivered automatically by U.S Postal Service to new and continuing members. Beginning in 2016, the default delivery for the monthly newsletter will be via email. If you want a hardcopy paper newsletter, you will need to check either “U.S. Mail” or “Classroom pickup” on your membership renewal application.

Please read carefully as you fill in your 2016 Membership Application. For additional questions, please email office@vjcc.com.

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