17th Annual VJCC Golf Tournament

We’re having our annual golf tournament at Sand Canyon County Club (formerly called Robinson Ranch Golf Course) on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Download registration form here – Golf Tournament 2018_09_08

Join us for some fun, and a chance to win big when you buy a raffle for the golf ball drop. The winner(s) will receive 50% of the net proceeds raised by the Golf Ball Drop Event. Our goal is to sell 1,000 balls – $10 per ball. If you would like to purchase one, please contact Sharon at Shar6416@aol.com or call 310-897-1303.

Every paid participant will receive a number(s) that will be imprinted on a ball(s) to be dropped at the tournament. The ball closest to the pin will be declared the winner in the event that no ball drops into the hole. If more than one ball drops in the hole, the 50% net proceeds will be split evenly and awarded to each winner. Results of the event will be posted on the internet immediately after the event.

Your name and number(s) will be posted below prior to the Golf Ball Drop Event. Good luck!

Ball # Name
V1 Boy Scout Troop 764
V2 Boy Scout Troop 764
V3 Boy Scout Troop 764
V4 Boy Scout Troop 764
V5 Boy Scout Troop 764
V6 Boy Scout Troop 764
V7 Boy Scout Troop 764
V8 Boy Scout Troop 764
V9 Boy Scout Troop 764
V10 Boy Scout Troop 764
V11 Boy Scout Troop 764
V12 Boy Scout Troop 764
V13 Boy Scout Troop 764
V14 Boy Scout Troop 764
V15 Boy Scout Troop 764
V16 Boy Scout Troop 764
V17 Boy Scout Troop 764
V18 Boy Scout Troop 764
V19 Boy Scout Troop 764
V20 Boy Scout Troop 764
V21 Gillard, Jerry
V22 Shimoguchi, Sam
V23 Shimoguchi, Sam
V24 Shimoguchi, Sam
V25 Shimoguchi, Sam
V26 Shimoguchi, Sam
V27 Shimoguchi, Sam
V28 Shimoguchi, Sam
V29 Shimoguchi, Sam
V30 Shimoguchi, Sam
V31 Shimoguchi, Sam
V32 Sumi-e class
V33 Sumi-e class
V34 Sumi-e class
V35 Sumi-e class
V36 Sumi-e class
V37 Nishinaga, Linden
V38 Oshiro, Mas
V39 Idota, Eiko
V40 Eiko Idota
V41 Fukuwa, Diane
V42 Fukuwa, Diane
V43 Fukuwa, Diane
V44 Miyata, Loraine
V45 Miyata, Loraine
V46 Kolodny, Howard
V47 Kolodny, Howard
V48 Kato, Kelly
V49 Kumagai, Duane
V50 Shimoda, Wes
V51 Shimoda, Wes
V52 Shimoda, Wes
V53 Shimoda, Wes
V54 Shimoda, Wes
V55 Shimoda, Wes
V56 Shimoda, Wes
V57 Shimoda, Wes
V58 Shimoda, Wes
V59 Shimoda, Wes
V60 Shimoda, Wes
V61 Shimoda, Wes
V62 Shimoda, Wes
V63 Shimoda, Wes
V64 Shimoda, Wes
V65 Shimoda, Wes
V66 Shimoda, Wes
V67 Shimoda, Wes
V68 Shimoda, Wes
V69 Shimoda, Wes
V70 Shimoda, Wes
V71 Shimoda, Wes
V72 Shimoda, Wes
V73 Shimoda, Wes
V74 Shimoda, Wes
V75 Matsubara, Brian
V76 Harada, Christine
V77 Imada, Richard
V78 Koyama, Dan
V79 Matsubara, Norm
V80 Matsubara, Norm
V81 Matsubara, Norm
V82 Matsubara, Norm
V83 Bonsai Club
V84 Bonsai Club
V85 Bonsai Club
V86 Bonsai Club
V87 Bonsai Club
V88 Bonsai Club
V89 Bonsai Club
V90 Bonsai Club
V91 Bonsai Club
V92 Bonsai Club
V93 Parker, Andrew
V94 Parker, Andrew
V95 Parker, Andrew
V96 Parker, Andrew
V97 Parker, Andrew
V98 Parker, Andrew
V99 Gohata, Kim
V100 Gohata, Kim
V101 Gohata, Kim
V102 Gohata, Kim
V103 Gohata, Kim
V104 Gohata, Kim
V105 Venice Dolphins
V106 Venice Dolphins
V107 Venice Dolphins
V108 Venice Dolphins
V109 Venice Dolphins
V110 Venice Dolphins
V111 Venice Shooting Stars
V112 Venice Shooting Stars
V113 Venice Shooting Stars
V114 Venice Shooting Stars
V115 Venice Shooting Stars
V116 Venice Shooting Stars
V117 Prendergast, Keith
V118 Prendergast, Keith
V119 Prendergast, Keith
V120 Prendergast, Keith
V121 Prendergast, Keith
V122 Hong, Joy
V123 Chen, Justin
V124 Chen, Justin
V125 Chen, Justin
V126 Chen, Justin
V127 Chen, Justin
V128 Chen, Justin
V129 Venice Vipers
V130 Venice Vipers
V131 Venice Vipers
V132 Venice Vipers
V133 Venice Vipers
V134 Venice Vipers
V135 Francisco, Michelle
V136 Francisco, Michelle
V137 Francisco, Michelle
V138 Francisco, Michelle
V139 Francisco, Michelle
V140 Francisco, Michelle
V141 Nishimoto, Judy
V142 Nishimoto, Judy
V143 Nishimoto, Judy
V144 Nishimoto, Judy
V145 Nishimoto, Judy
1V46 Nishimoto, Judy
V147 Holbert, David
V148 Uemura-Nishiyama, Alison
V149 Kame, Brad
V150 Sim, Mark
V151 Nakasuji, Darren
V152 Sebastian, Ginelle
V153 Amano, Souta
V154 Shimahara
V155 Kaneko Kristen
V156 Nakada, Kristen
V157 Nakayama, Ken
V158 Okazaki, Dean
V159 Wang, Tracy
V160 Wang, Tracy
V161 Wang, Tracy
V162 Wang, Tracy
V163 Wang, Tracy
V164 A. Chikami
V165 Johnson, Leslie
V166 L. Wade
V167 D. Ash
V168 Romero, Laura
V169 Miura, Allison
V170 Kono-Noble, Carol
V171 Ash, Danielle
V172 Burns, Donna
V173 Soto, Carolyn
V174 Venice Eclipse
V175 Venice Eclipse
V176 Venice Eclipse
V177 Venice Eclipse
V178 Venice Eclipse
V179 Venice Eclipse
V180 Jackson, Jennie
V181 Jackson, Jennie
V182 Jackson, Jennie
V183 Jackson, Jennie
V184 Jackson, Jennie
V185 Jackson, Jennie
V186 Venice Dragons
V187 Venice Dragons
V188 Venice Dragons
V189 Venice Dragons
V190 Venice Dragons
V191 Venice Dragons
V192 Shiraki, Robert
V193 Shiraki, Robert
V194 Ino, Gary
V195 Ino, Gary
V196 Ino, Gary
V197 Ino, Gary

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