Bonsai panoramaThe Marina Bonsai Club provides its members with instruction on the Art and Horticulture of developing the iconic Japanese Bonsai. The translation of the word bonsai literally means a tree in a pot, but there is so much more than that to learn in order to have a beautiful, healthy bonsai. Our club was founded by the world renowned Bonsai Master and author John Naka over 50 years ago and is currently taught by world famous Bonsai Masters Shig Miya, Frank Goya, and Ben Oki.

Photo of Bonsai Club members

This is a hands-on workshop club. Members/students bring their own trees, tools, and wire for shaping your bonsai. But don’t worry, we can suggest to you where you can buy these things. You will be expertly coached on the proper techniques required to transform raw nursery stock into majestic representations of trees one might find in rustic and rugged landscapes.

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We are a diverse club encompassing all skill levels in the development of Bonsai. If you have interest in learning bonsai we recommend that you stop by and see what the club is all about. We meet twice a month on the second (2nd) Friday and fourth (4th) Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM except December when we hold our annual end-of-year luncheon. During the annual VJCC Summer Festival in June, we hold our Bonsai Show so come on by and say Hello!

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