Shogi (Japanese Chess)

The Shogi Club meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 1-3PM. Currently, we have three students alongside three teachers: Masatoshi Koike (4-dan), Yukito Yamamura (4-dan), and Shoji Takahashi (3-dan).

It’s hard to see progress while learning Shogi, so it is important to continue practicing, but we sustain to provide the power of thinking, the power to structure your thoughts, and the power to see a few steps ahead, therefore these may bring out the utmost appeal for elementary & junior high students.

It is said that Shogi is known for its very strict manners and will always starts with a rei, a bow, and ends with a rei. The importance of greetings is carried out through the entire competition, from the beginning to the end and throughout the shogi match as well. It is emphasized more than the win or loss of a match.

We teach beginners thoroughly every step of the way so that you understand the moves of each piece, so be bold and join us in a match. For more information, please contact