Young Adults Club (YAC)

Festival 2016 collage

> Itadakimasu* Meet-ups
> Co-op events with VJCC clubs & groups
> Networking Opportunities & more!

*Itadakimasu YAC Foodie Group
We’ve launched a event series that embraces our love for eating (and/or taking pictures of) great food. We plan to hold several events throughout the year, sampling some of the best cuisine LA offers in the company of good friends.
*Future Eats: we’ll keep yah posted*

InterClub CO|OP Events
We are looking to hold intro classes with any of the VJCC groups. This would be a great opportunity to recruit new members from our club or just spread word. If your group is interested in holding a free event with us, please contact Jon Okada at

About YAC
We meet on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm in Room #3. If you would like more information or would like to be more involved with the Young Adults Club please email us at

Facebook: VJCC YAC  |  Twitter: @VJCCYAC | Instagram: @vjccyac

Check our Facebook and/or Twitter pages for updates. Also, check out our list for our future social events and community services – and save all dates!

YAC_logo_smYAC Mission Statement: To assist and provide a service to the community and perpetuate dedication and devotion of the great pioneers of the Venice Japanese Community Center and encourage the growth and development for its future.