Our Tandem Parking

Dear VJCC Club/Organization,

RE: Parking at VJCC
Download: VJCC Assigned Parking Details (updated 08/2019)

As we all know, due to city building regulations VJCC had to re-stripe the parking spaces into “tandem parking” in order to comply with city codes. The parking lot has not been fully utilized as members are fearfully of being “boxed” in a parking space and not knowing who is parked behind them.  As a result, the parking lot may become “full” but only 60% utilized.

To help alleviate the problem, the VJCC would like to implement a plan where each club/organization will be assigned a block of parking spaces in which their members can “tandem” park behind their own club members.  The number of club parking spaces and the location of the spaces were determined based on the number of club members, meeting day, meeting time and the number of times the club meets each week/month.  As we will try to maintain parking consistency, clubs that meet multiple times per week were given priority so that they can park in the same blocks of spaces each meeting time. Download the plan here: VJCC Assigned Parking Details

VJCC asks that each club/organization inform their own members of the new parking policy and “police” their members to only park in the club/organization’s assigned parking block.  Each club/organization can come up with their own member tandem parking policy within their club’s assigned parking block.

VJCC also asks for every club/organization to respect other club/organization’s assigned parking blocks.

Only with 100% cooperation will we be able to maximize the usage of the parking lot to the benefit of all. Download: VJCC Assigned Parking Details (updated 08/2019)

Please contact me with any questions.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

On behalf of the VJCC Board,
Kevin Kunisaki